She Wouldn’t Take No For An Answer

“Hunger and fear are the only realities in dog life: an empty stomach makes a Fierce dog.” – Robert Falcon Scott


A bundle of fur and teeth and tongue

She bounds at me whenever she catches a glimpse

Up on her hind legs, front paws scrabble

“No, no, get off me. You’re all muddy!”

But there’s no getting away

She doesn’t take no for an answer

Stares at me with inky eyes

She knows, even before I do, of what’s coming

The belly rub, the scratches under the throat

Sometimes I take her ears and grab them like handlebars

“Vroom, vroom…” I say, while I move her head this way and that

She bears with quiet dignity, more belly rubs

Sometimes I’m in a hurry, so she trots

and tries to shove her nose against my swinging hand

“I’m here!” she says “Where’s my cuddles?”

But I’m in a hurry, a hundred emails unread

So she stops short at the gate, and stares

With doleful eyes. I don’t look back

But the eyes stare at me all morning

Even when I am ensconced in my chair

She’s there

So I take a break

For lunch, or coffee or any excuse

And step out, as if I had something else to do

There she is again

A bundle of fur and teeth and tongue

Hers is the hunger for love, mine is the fear of losing it

It’s fierce, what we have, you and I

*Written for the one who sleeps in front of my office and one day decided I would be her friend and wouldn’t take no for an answer.


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