We Don’t Talk Anymore

We are a slave to our mobile devices. That’s why they call them cell phones.

Hunched over, heads bowed, we are lost in our own little worlds, tapping, swiping and sliding our fingers all across the tiny screens. We are hypnotised by its glow. The art of communication is lost, because people don’t talk to each other anymore. It’s eating into our very souls, making slaves of us all – listless automatons who wouldn’t know the first thing about building real human connections.


What do you think we are doing on our cellphones? We are talking. We are creating. We are consuming. We are immersing ourselves in the things we like and enjoy. We aren’t letting our commute be an hour of dead weight where we stare listlessly out the window, taking in the same view we have a hundred times before. We are actually communicating. The art of communication isn’t lost, it’s just found a new language!

It’s tiresome, not to mention ironic when someone sends an article about the “lost art of communication” on freaking Whatsapp. Cellphones are not a single device. They are our phones, and books, cameras, and newspapers, and movie screens, and music players, and tools to share our lives. Of course we spend a bulk of our day on them!

So the next time you feel the urge to go on about how cellphones are causing the downfall of civilisation simply because YOUR 13-year old niece spends her entire day Insta-Snap-Booking instead of talking to you at family events, please consider that maybe, just maybe, it’s because you have nothing of relevance to say.





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