Eight Bullshit Reasons Why Whiny Man-Babies Can’t Trust Women

I’m sorry guys, but creating original content is tough. Add a hard day at work and a no dessert for dinner, and it becomes even more difficult to muster up any creative enthusiasm. I knew I was supposed to update my blog, but listlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed is just as good, right?

That’s when I noticed THIS…

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Why, an article on gender politics on the internet? This is sure to be calm, rational and well thought-out !

Ahhh, MensXP. What would I do without you? Why, keep on scrolling, of course, but where else would I find such a rare combination of intellectual vacuum, bloated sense of self-worth and breathtaking casual (and sometimes not-so-casual) misogyny? I love you guys.

For those who don’t know, MensXP is the favourite website of India’s MRAs (and confused WindowsXP fans). Basically, Scoopwoop, with an extra scoop of misogyny. They are they AXE deospray of online communities, but with none of the humour and three times the whinyness.

This article is especially delish, but badly needs footnotes. So in the interest of society at large and as an ode to lazy content creators everywhere, here’s my take on what has to be one of their most popular articles. No link to the original article, because I have included screenshots. And also because linking to MensXP is icky.

Para 1.png

“Playing the blame game never does anybody any good” – Thus begins an article blaming women for men being dicks.

“The nation is constantly trying to fight against all odds, become a better place to live in and yet reaching nowhere” – Who is the nation fighting, exactly? And how exactly is the nation trying to fight to become a better place to live in? Also, if it’s not going anywhere, it’s not fighting very hard, is it now?

“And that’s probably because there’s a conflict going on within that’s pulling us back more than it is propelling us forward.” – As opposed to all the other conflicts that propel nations forward. Also, fuck corruption, racism, rich-poor divide. The REAL reason why the country is going nowhere is that women secretly have men by the balls.

“We’ve always tried to make men understand the plight of women in this country and why they should be equally supportive of women’s rights and it is only fair that this time we look at the other side.” – Because equality has been achieved in this country and women and men have totally the same rights everywhere.

“We’re not trying to stereotype every woman in the world or paint them all with the same brush, just being honest in giving the women out there a piece of our minds, with all due respect!” – Ahhh yes, the respect just drips off the page. Also, great job not stereotyping women, in an article about how men have lost trust in all women.

“Read on as we try and decode exactly why men have lost complete trust in the other gender.” – Yes, do read on. The real reason of course, is that some men are insecure little babies who see women as “women” and not for what they are – people. People, can be assholes. People, can be horrible. People, can be total, utter, complete dicks. The presence or absence of external genitalia has literally zero to do with it. So if you have lost faith in a section of society because some of them are bad people, hoooo boy do you need to become a hermit. But, that article would be really short, so here goes.

Para 2.png

“Today, women have all the sympathy in the world.” – Yes, amazing how being complete and utter dicks to a gender for a few thousand years tends to build up sympathy for them in the minds of right-thinking people.

“No denying that we need to make this country a better place for our women but not at the cost of ourselves being neglected in the process.” – Translation – Sure you girls can play, but don’t you dare take my privilages away. News flash, no one is taking your toys away. Grow up, grow some balls, and realise that in an equal society, you will have to face some “neglect” while we try to get the fucking balance on track.

“Women don’t necessarily deserve sympathy for everything” – And koala bears don’t deserve iPads. Makes no sense, does it? That’s because no one said koala bears deserved iPads in the first place. Except for insane people and Donald Trump fans. But we can ignore them.

“We’re moving towards a direction where women are getting leverages at the cost of us.” – Somewhere, a physics professor and an English professor are holding each other, crying themselves into a stupor.

“Do you ever see people talking about crimes against men?” – Yes we do. They are called CRIMES, you moron. It’s what happens when one section of society gets to decide what the norm is.

Para 3.png

Yes, an exploitative system where brides are seen as burdens and thus have to be compensated with money is EXACTLY the same as a providing living expenses for women, in a country where most women are still not educated enough or independent enough to earn a living if the male half of the relationship chooses to leave them. Listen, fuckheads, not leaving a person destitute is NOT the same as having to pay fucking compensation for your daughter because a dude is marrying her. And before you say “waaah waaah, some women earn more than men”, shut the fuck up. Laws are made for the majority, not just you, snowflake.

Para 4.png

“Now, we also know a lot of genuine cases go unreported and in no way are we trying to dilute the gravity of crimes against women in the country” …but, but you just said that talking about crimes against women is bias!!

“but let’s face it, a lot of women do misuse laws against men just because they can.” –  You mean some people use laws in ways they were not meant to be used?? And some of these people are women? The idea! Why, my monocle FLEW across the room at the very thought!  I am certain no MAN has ever done the same. Because if I can’t trust women if some of them are bad people, surely I cannot trust men if some of them are bad people either!

Para 5.png

“We totally support women fighting back and protesting against crimes, we really do.” – But we really don’t, as evidenced by the very next sentence.

“A ride in the public transport is incomplete for us men without hostile glances from female passengers.” – Dude, I’ve been on plenty of public transports without getting hostile glances. I hate to break it to you, but you’re probably just sleazy.

“We’re constantly judged and looked at as if we’re trying to molest them.” – Whoa, that escalated quickly.

“All men are not rapists but women just don’t seem to get it.” – Yes, only bad people stereotype an entire gender because of the actions of some. With that, onto the next point about why men don’t trust women anymore.

Para 6.png

“It has become a fad to rant about how women are objectified all their lives by men” – Yes, objectifying women is SO overstated. We hate this hypocrisy. Speaking of which, do check out our other article…


“conveniently ignoring how an Indian man is insensitively reduced to his family wealth, bank balance and the company he works in.” – The indignation would be a lot more righteous if it wasn’t mostly the men talking about their wealth and bank balance. Also, reducing a women to her biological attributes is totes the same as talking about a man’s career.

“We know women have it difficult in India” – You’re doing a great job of hiding it though.

Para 7.png

“Most women who call themselves feminists have a very warped idea of the movement.” – I love how half the article can be reduced to “some women are bad people”. Yes, sweetheart, bad people sometimes do bad things and hide behind good ideas when they do so. It doesn’t mean you get to be a giant baby about it.

“but also want the reserved Ladies seat in the Delhi metro.” – Beeeecause they also want an equal chance of NOT getting molested? Also, I lived in Delhi. Let’s not kid ourselves, the ladies seat in Delhi Metro is hardly guaranteed seating for women. Considering the number of times I have seen two men, both parked on ladies seats, point to each other and refuse to move when women were standing, the “Ladies Seat” seemed more like a suggestion than anything else.

“They still expect men to pay the bill on dates, still want their chairs to be pulled and still want to be able to play the ‘woman card’ to have it easy.” – Okay kids, repeat after me. Some women are not nice. Some men are not nice. It has nothing to do with them being women, or men. It has everything to do with them being dicks.

“It just looks like women today want to lead an easy life at the cost of men.” – Yes, women today want an easy life. Also, did we mention how stereotyping a gender for the actions of some is totally wrong?

Para 8.png

“Feminism is about giving women equal rights. It has nothing to do with hating men.” – At last. This article got something right!

“But sadly, that’s exactly what feminism has come to be” – No you fuckheads, that NOT it. That’s like saying the atom bomb is what physics has come to be. That’s a result of some people twisting the core concept, but that doesn’t change the meaning of the word. That’s like saying the word “host” is dirty because Dracula was a bad one.

“It looks like they’re fighting against men instead of fighting against patriarchy, along with men.” – No, they are fighting against ridiculous strawman articles like this

“Their attitude has become rather spiteful in the recent times” – That’s what happens when a group comes out of the shadows and from under your dominance. Even the spiteful ones, the mean ones get to have their say. Fact of life, kiddo. Get used to it.

“While men are constantly trying to lend support and make women feel safe, they’re being made to feel like they are the problem.” – Oh poor men. Look at all of them, bravely fighting for women against….who exactly? If all men are constantly trying to lend support….oh you mean all men aren’t? Just some men? Well then, it seems like saying there are two types of men – good AND bad. Could it be that there are two types of women too? And more? With several shades of gray inbetween?

Para 9.png

“Men are largely misunderstood, no matter what they do.” – Because women are completely understood by men. All the fucking time.

“A casual internet joke on women is enough to stir up a storm” – Correction – unfunny, misogynistic, hateful, stupid, casual joke on women stir up storms. As they should.

“Thanks to the sudden wave of feminism,” – Yes, ever since those uppity feminists got the right to vote, this sudden wave is totally killing the chill vibe men have had for centuries.

“It is perfectly fine for girls to prefer ‘tall, dark, handsome men’ but the moment a guy says he finds skinny girls hotter, all hell breaks loose!” – Speaking of hell breaking loose when skinny girls are appreciated for their hotness by men…

That’s all, folks. And to anyone who want’s to call me shameless for ripping on their article while simultaneously ripping it off for my blog – your point?



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