Favourite Things: Fat Books (5 Reasons why Bigger is Better)

A series where I write about my favourite things – basically posts where I spend way too many words describing mundane shit that make me unreasonably happy. 

Of course I love books. Books are good, books are great, corners of the internet are exploding with articles about how awesome books are.

But there are books, and there are books. And there’s something heady about a big, fat, chunky, murder weapon of a book that tickles my lizard brain and makes me want to grab them all. There’s a reason why the word “Omnibus” is burned into my Amazon search bar. In fact, there are 5.

  1. Fat books have more to love: Hey, old people keep complaining about how this is the “give me more” generation, right? Might as well embrace it. Fat books simply have more to love. More characters. More depth. More stories. More detail. More toilet paper (for the 50 Shades of Gray Omnibus).
  2. Fat books are sexier: Continuing from the first point, fat books look sooooohoooo good on the shelf. The thick spines are usually more stylish because they have space for bits of artwork, and the book and author names are usually printed in big, bold letters. Go ahead – pull it out. Feel its heft. Run your finger along the binding. Flip through the pages and delight in how many more of them there are. Admit it, they’re more fun to touch.
  3. Fat books are useful: Screw the kitchen knife, if you want to really hurt someone with stuff just lying around, drop an omnibus hardcover on their head. Can’t reach the top shelf? Stack a couple of big books and step up. Want to read a big book? Use another one as a desk. Try THAT with your Penguin paperback.
  4. Fat books are healthier: Having a shelf full of omnibuses and hardcovers is guaranteed to give those arms a workout whenever you want to do some proper dusting. Which, if you love books as much as you should, is bound to be at least once a week. Hell, shelving and unshelving these suckers for your daily read should tone those biceps to no end.
  5. Fat books are a sign of commitment: Going through a big book is not easy. It requires patience (through the boring bits), understanding (that the author is trying his best to weave a complex story), intelligence (to make sense of the complex story) – all things that are vital in a good relationship. You walk into someone’s room and see a bunch of big, fat volumes, you know he or she is for real. After all, how can they commit to a relationship if they can’t commit to a thousand pages in one go?




4 thoughts on “Favourite Things: Fat Books (5 Reasons why Bigger is Better)

  1. I love this post! Fat books really do have prettier spines I had never really thought about it until you mentioned it and I looked at my shelves XD

    I don’t mind big books but it does take a commitment for me to actually pick them up, I have Pillars of the Earth just sitting on my bedside table waiting for my to pick it up and I keep putting it off because its 1000 pages. I’ll get to it soon but for now I can just use it to ward off any would be robbers XD


    • Yeah, big books can be intimidating, and I usually read multiple books at a time, so I’ll always read something smaller when I am in the middle of a big book just for that sense of progression, but there’s nothing like getting lost into something rich and deeply realised!

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      • I sometimes do that but when I do if the big book hasn’t hooked me I can end up putting it down for ages. Dedicating all my attention to it makes me really commit and i end up liking it more 😊 and yes big books have so much depth and there’s so much more to the characters and world building especially with big fantasies 😊


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