Jump Out And Fly

The streets are littered with the dreamers and the dead
The poets have fallen, soldiers in their stead
The borders are jagged, with splinters and steel
The sky is afire, no hands on the wheel

The speeches are angry, the mind is blood red
The fever is rising, it needs to be fed
The anger is real, the reasons are not
But reason is gone, the nerves are all taut

Sometimes I cower and sometimes I cry
Sometimes I wonder if I died a little inside
Sometimes I hate them, I hate them, I despise
Sometimes I wonder why I bleed from my eyes

Someday I’ll jump out of this tower and take flight
Someday I’ll cut through the screams and the night
Someday I’ll show them, that it’s all been a lie
Someday I’ll be brave enough, to tell them goodbye


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