Dear Clients…

#dearclients just because we can’t complain about you delaying feedback doesn’t mean it’s not hurting your business.

#dearclients I know it’s hard, but can we please not discuss the next editorial strategy in the monthly reports mail trail?

#dearclients just because you asked for a metric in your report, doesn’t mean we can just make it appear. It’s digital, not magical.

#dearclients yes, Facebook Likes cost money. No, your post doesn’t reach all your fans. Yes, it’s unfair. No, we can’t do anything about it.

#dearclients if you postpone finalising strategy because you didn’t like the formatting of the strategy document, you have issues.

#dearclients feedback by committee is a lot like cooking by committee. Everyone has something to add, and the result is inedible.

#dearclients a strategy document is not a buffet. You can’t pick off parts and then be surprised when you don’t get the whole results

#dearclients jargon like KPI and ROI are meaningless if you don’t know what you want the campaign to do for you

#dearclients EVERY new technology/tool/shiny gimmick does not work for your brand. “Let’s do carousel posts” is NOT strategy.

#dearclients please don;t tell us to do our thing, and then be annoyed that our thing is not like your last agency’s thing.

#dearclients When you don’t know what you want, first drafts will always suck.

#dearclient please don’t ask me to bend the laws of space and time. If you paid for 1 resource, you don’t get to send simultaneous work.

Yes, it’s a collection of Tweets. But I really hate to let these vanish into the ether


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