Favourite Things: The Morning Bubble


Mornings are tough for me.

Physically, they are tough because I get my best sleep within the 6am to 10am window. I also find it difficult to eat, having to fight back small but unrelenting waves of nausea if I even look at food. The body aches, the mind is numb, and I hate myself. Until…

Until the morning bubble. I am not one of those who can wake up and ignore their phones for an hour. I have to check my mail. I have to check my messages. And then, only after I have convinced myself that the world has somehow managed to keep itself together in the seven or so hours I was out of it, only then do I slip into the bubble.

The bubble is a glorious half-hour, sometimes even a few minutes more, when suddenly, the world outside ceases to exist. There’s me, there’s an open window, there’s a comfortable chair, and there’s a book. Sometimes it’s a short story. Sometimes it’s what I was reading the night before. My phone, so important a moment ago, lies forgotten. I am protected by the bubble. Everything goes soft and slow. Somehow, my inbox that was so important minutes ago, doesn’t matter anymore.

It wasn’t like this. I used to pride myself in waking up minutes before I had to head out. But the bubble has made my life, and my days, infinitely better. It has helped me discover new books on the shelf, new thoughts in my head, and new relationships. Mostly with the crows who come to beg for treats outside my window, but still…

Having a bubble is important. Mine is in the morning, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be during the bus ride to work. A walk after lunch. The glorious 15 minutes in office when everyone has left and it’s quiet. During the last bit of primping before bed. But find your bubble. Let the world go soft, and slow. Even the toughest mornings will have something you can look forward to.


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