She is calm
She is still
Like an ocean in winter
When the waves kiss the sand
Wet, slow, lingering
The water laps the shore
Where time is eternal
Where the horizon is a line
of blue meeting blue

She is calm
She is still
Like a schoolday summer afternoon
When the master drones on
An automaton of education
Less engrossing than the wings
of the fly buzzing by
Compass scrapes on the pockmarked wooden desk
The smell of settled dust and heat
My eyelids are lovers
Struggling to meet in furious embrace
Heads droop like wilting flowers

She is calm
She is still
Like losing the way in a friendly forest
During a lazy midday stroll
Eyes seek the strip of brown
In the ocean of green
But not really, there’s no urgency
There’s no reason
Must find the way back, but why?
What if I keep walking?
Deeper into the stillness and the green?

She is calm
She is still
For a moment that hides an eternity
And then her chest moves
In the gentle rhythm of her breath
and again
and again